Emotional Support for Hoedspruit Residents

Have you ever felt that the lockdown is starting to overwhelm you and that your intellectual and physical well being is starting to be taxed?  Well remember that help is only a phone call away.   You can turn to the Hoedspruit Helpline which is manned by caring fellow residents of our community, 24 hours per day, who will handle your call in confidence and with utmost kindness.

Although this team, who big-heartedly give their time are not trained consultants, they are all mature individuals with a multitude of life experience, and if they cannot immediately support you with your problem, they will seek guidance and revert back to you.  They comprise members of Victim Support Unit, Rotary , as well as other compassionate community members.

  • Are you feeling tearful or out of sorts?
  • Is lack of physical contact saddening you?
  • Do you require some food shopping or an errand run because you are out of action?
  • Or do you just need some advice

We are being forced to change our daily routines and face up to some new realities in our lives.    The best we can do is to adapt to these lifestyle changes which are probably here to stay with us for a while.  Good advice being proffered is to make new routines an essential part of our changed days and nights- not forgetting to make time for the things we enjoy doing every day.

We  would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our health workers, in their many guises, for the ceaseless love and care they provide to our community.

Lovelle Henderson

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